Saved us from financial ruin

At 94, Mom’s health was deteriorating and she needed full time care. She had gone through most of her funds and we were facing a crisis regarding her care and finances. Mr. Casiano listened to us, and explained our options and how he could help. I found Mr. Casiano to have excellent knowledge of elder law and estate planning. I don’t know what we would have done without him. He truly saved us from financial ruin, and mom is being well cared for in a nursing home. Crisis averted thanks to Vincent Casiano.
C B.

He took the time to explain everything

Well that was easy!After my mom was diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s getting estate planning docs in order became really urgent. Vinnie was great at letting us know exactly what we needed. He took the time to explain everything, presented different options and was clear on what our cost would be, which turned out to be much more affordable than I anticipated. Seeking legal advice has always seemed intimidating to me, but this was so easy and I feel so much better now that all our ducks are in a row.
Hollie P.

I recommend Mr. Casiano to anyone seeking elder law guidance

I'm writing to attest the professional advice and guidance that I experienced with Mr. Casiano regarding placement of my mother in a nursing home and the entire application process for Medi-Cal. Having to deal with the struggle of emotions and unknown certainty of what lay ahead for my mother's care and living arrangements was in itself very stressful. Mr. Casiano helped guide me through the entire process and was very precise with all documents needed. Although I had doubts, Mr. Casiano answered all my questions and assured me that the end result would be to my mother's best interest. I am extremely appreciative and thankful for Mr. Casiano's service and I recommend Mr. Casiano to anyone seeking elder law guidance.
Christine Y.

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