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Probate & Estate Litigation Attorney Vincent M. Casiano serves the needs of seniors, beneficiaries, and their families throughout California.

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Attorney Vincent Casiano represents San Diego and Southern California clients in disputed or contested wills, trust, or probate matters. He is an experienced probate litigator with a track record of success in cases involving disputes between family members, trustee or executor misconduct, contested wills, and other highly contentious probate matters.

Trust and probate litigation requires skilled and experienced counsel who can understand and appreciate the intricate and often complex legal and financial issues involved in these cases. 

Attorney Vincent Casiano is committed to providing his clients with the highest level of personal service while maintaining the utmost discretion. Don’t hesitate to contact him to discuss how he can help resolve your dispute.

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Administration of a trust or probate estate can often lead to disputes, especially when substantial amounts of money are involved or when family conflict exists. These disputes can arise between families and beneficiaries, between a trustee or a fiduciary and beneficiaries, or other parties involved.

Vincent has decades of experience in trust and estate litigation matters, both in probate or civil court. He is an attorney who understands the complex legal issues involved and the often emotional nature of these cases. The result is a more efficient and responsive advocate who will handle your legal disputes and protect your rights. 

If you need help resolving your estate disputes in San Diego, you can trust Vincent to act with dedication and compassion to protect your family’s peace of mind. 

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Not all estate planning attorneys are true trust and probate litigators. Facing family disputes over an estate requires the assistance of an attorney who is backed by years of experience in  probate litigation cases. If you are in San Diego, and need help with probate and trust matters, you can reach out to Attorney Vincent Casiano. What are you waiting for? Request a consultation now!

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Whether your concern is about will or trust contests, fiduciaries, or complicated estate plans, San Diego probate and trust litigation attorney Vincent Casiano is here to help. Get high-quality and personalized legal solutions that will address your needs today!

How Attorney Vincent Casiano Can Help You

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Fiduciary duty is one’s commitment to act in another person’s best interests. In the context of a trust, this is the highest legal duty of a fiduciary or executor towards the trust’s beneficiaries. He should not engage in self-dealing or dishonest behavior. 

A breach of fiduciary duty occurs when the executor acts for his own interest. If you feel that a trust is mishandled, or if there is mismanagement, you can bring a claim against your fiduciary. Attorney Vincent Casiano can help with these types of claims.

Undue Influence

Undue influence may fall under elder financial abuse when a person exerts pressure on the testator to execute the trust or will of an elderly for his benefit. Elders who are ill or living alone are often victimized by this type of abuse. 

When there is evidence of undue influence, family members can assert their rights and have their loved one’s true intentions enforced by the probate court.

Determining whether undue influence occurred is not that simple. This is why you need the help of a San Diego probate & trust litigation attorney. 

Will & Trust Disputes

Legal disputes over wills and trusts occur when heirs disagree with the decedent’s final wishes. Often, this may come as a result of family members being emotionally and mentally vulnerable after the death of their loved one. 

When it comes to these matters, seeking help at an early stage prevents conflicts from further escalating. 

If you are in San Diego, you can reach out to wills attorney Vincent for assistance on your legal problem.

Lack of Capacity

Testators must be of sound mind before they can execute a will or trust. If a testator lacks the mental capacity to do so, other parties may contest the validity of the will or trust.

When family members do not agree to execute a trust, it can lead to fighting and litigation in the probate court. This is where an experienced probate litigator like Vincent comes in. He can bring legal challenges to a trust or will based on a lack of capacity. He has worked on numerous contested wills and trusts over the past decades.

Contesting Trust Amendments

In a revocable living trust, the grantor has the power to amend or annul the trust at any time. 

Sometimes, the grantor may have been forced to make amendments in the trust that are not reflective of his true intentions. He may have appointed you the beneficiary on a trust until a few days before his death, when an amendment was made.

If you want to contest the amendment, you will require the assistance of a trust litigation attorney like Vincent Casiano.

Contesting A Will

Amending an existing will is sometimes referred to as a will codicil. Before the will can be recognized as valid, it needs to follow the statutory procedures. 

When a testator dies, and a codicil appears, family members may be pushed to think that there was undue influence involved or even fraud. They may then try to contest the will.

Challenging a will can be complex, and this is best done with help from a probate litigation lawyer in San Diego. 

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Why Choose Vincent as Your Probate & Trust Litigation Attorney?

Vincent serves the needs of families in San Diego and other communities throughout California who are facing issues with their trusts and estate. Backed by over two decades of experience, he has helped clients navigate the complex world of probate, trust, and estate administration.

Vincent M. Casiano, Esq.



Meet Vinny

Attorney Vincent “Vinny” M. Casiano is a probate and trust litigation attorney who has devoted his practice to serving the needs of California families. Upon graduating from UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco, he decided to open up his firm to practice estate planning and probate. He realized that most estate planning attorneys neglected to address many estate-related issues that families face after the passing of a loved one, such as will and trusts disputes, probate issues, removal of the trustee, and more.

Vinny has dedicated his practice to helping seniors and their families by providing highly-personalized probate and trust litigation assistance. He believes that the decedent’s families and loved ones should be protected.


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