Attorney Profile

Attorney Profile

Attorney Vincent M. Casiano

As most of his friends and clients call him, Vinny founded the Casiano Law Firm and the San Diego Elder Law and Estate Planning Firm in August of 2005.

Vinny, a former partner of Sorem, Pastore & Casiano, LLP, decided to form his firm and work with other professionals who devote their practice to serving the needs of seniors and their families.

Vinny took over Richard L. Sorem’s estate planning practice in 2004 and continues to help Richard’s clients’ needs in estate planning, trust litigation, probate litigation, probate, and trust administration.

Vinny is not your typical attorney.

Although he graduated from one of the top-tier law schools in the country -UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco- Vinny’s first career was navigating tankers as an officer in the Merchant Marine after graduating from the State University of New York Maritime College at Fort Schuyler in 1983.

Upon graduation from Hastings, Vinny decided to open up his practice and immediately began to practice in estate planningprobate, and trust and probate litigation.

Early on, Vinny realized that most estate planning attorneys neglected to address many issues that our elders and their families face.

Seeing the need for compassionate attorneys and a firm interested in helping seniors, beneficiaries, and their families, Vinny began to focus on the areas that affect seniors and their families the most.  He is an experienced probate litigator with a track record of success in cases involving disputes between family members, trustee or executor misconduct, contested wills, and other highly contentious probate matters.

Overtime he has become an authority in:


Vinny is a frequent lecturer to Attorneys, Professionals, and the Public on these topics and devotes a great deal of time to serving the legal community.

He is the current chair of the San Diego County Bar Association’s Elder Law Section. He is also a former fellow to the American Bar Association’s Real Property Probate and Trust Section and a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.

Do not hesitate to contact Vinny to see if he can assist your family with your concerns!

Why Choose Casiano Law Firm?

Vinny knows that no family’s situation is the same and provides individualized and customized solutions to your family’s unique circumstances. Vinny charges reasonable attorney fees for the services he offers. 

When you work with Vinny, you will choose which strategies to use to achieve your objectives and, therefore, how much you will be charged. You will get the benefit of:

  • An experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate attorney
  • Customized solutions to your legal issues
  • Reasonable attorney fees based on your circumstances

Attempting to resolve a legal matter on your own without fully understanding the law will often make the situation worse and end up not achieving your intended goals.

Why risk such repercussions when an experienced elder lawyer is available to offer guidance when you need it the most?

To discuss your circumstances or learn more about how Vinny can help your family.

Vinny offers phone consultations for up to 30 minutes at no charge. Call him today at no cost to you to see if he can help your family!


What You Can Expect Working with Vinny

In the video, Vinny outlines the steps he takes to assist prospective clients in choosing the best course of action for their particular situations. In order to get the best outcomes for their case, he discusses the advantages of working with Casiano Law as their partner.

How Did Vinny Become a Lawyer?

From believing he would go on to maritime law to becoming a sole practitioner, Vinny discusses how he rose to the position of CEO of a California law firm as well as the various challenges he had in becoming knowledgeable about and an authority in his practice areas.

Need a Comprehensive Estate Plan & Strategic Estate Litigation Attorney?

With years of experience in Elder Law and Estate Planning, San Diego estate litigation attorney Vinny Casiano helps his clients understand the pros and cons of each strategy to make the best decision for themselves and their families. Finally, he assists his clients in carrying out whatever strategy they have decided is best for them.

Got Probate or Trust Concerns? Get Help NOW!

Whether your concern is about will or trust contests, fiduciaries, or complicated estate plans, San Diego probate and trust litigation attorney Vincent Casiano is here to help. Get high-quality and personalized legal solutions that will address your needs today!

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